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A collection of the top 5 blogs on seed health from Cargill’s agronomy team

When our agronomy team is not in the field, they pore over the results of Field Tests and other research to understand the best way to help western Canadian farmers achieve the best possible yields. That begins with a healthy, even crop stand.

To make it easy for you to access their insights on how to establish a healthy crop, we’ve recapped the top blog posts of the past three years focused on seed health, the threats your crop faces once it’s in the ground, and how to protect it.

First, get your seed tested

How to deal with disappointing lab results    

What we consider when recommending a seed treatment 

Recognize threats to your seed, even in a dry year 

Protect yourself from Fusarium head blight 

If you have questions about the quality of your seed lot or how to protect it, call your nearest Cargill location for more information.

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