AgSense | CropNutrition™

Get more from your fertilizer investment

Fertilizer is your biggest crop input expense, and it impacts one of your farm’s most important resources – your soil. With the help of a dedicated agronomic advisor you can make your annual fertilizer investment with the confidence that you are doing the right thing for your soil, your crop and your farm business.

AgSense|CropNutrition is an agronomy consulting service that focuses on fertilizer planning and fertility management. It gives you a customized, easy-to-implement plan and expert advice on making the best soil management, crop nutrition and fertilizer application decisions for your farm.

Benefit from the art and science of fertilizer planning.

Every good fertilizer recommendation starts with the science of soil chemistry. But did you know there’s an art to fertilizer planning too? That’s where Cargill’s agronomy experts can help. They can turn soil test results into a targeted fertilizer recommendation that helps you grow the crop you need this year, while building up your soil resource for future years and future generations.


To learn more about AgSense | CropNutrition, download an info sheet or view the interactive version. To see how this program can work for your farm, contact your Cargill Representative or local Agronomic Advisor.