Choose the right variety for your farm


Cargill agronomists work with farmers across Western Canada, observing and evaluating the good, the bad and the ugly in canola, soybeans and corn. They are always on the lookout for the next big yielder, and the newest, most appealing traits.

Want to know more about how the newest varieties on the market perform in your neck of the woods? Visit the Top 5 Picks site to see our agronomists' unique insights, sorted by territory to ensure you see the information that's most relevant to you. 

See what we've learned from grower experiences: "I had a grower who had severe compaction issues due to a pounding rain soon after seeding. This caused the plant count to be lower than optimal, but the plants branched out and ended up being the highest yielding canola field on the farm." - Allison Hebert, Market Development Agronomist, Blackie, AB

And catch a few Pro Tips while you're there: "If you find yourself waiting a long time for the green stalks to dry down, try an application of Reglone® at 90% seed colour change. The strong pod shatter technology of this variety will resist shattering and loss, and since it often produces a skinnier plant, the Reglone will have an opportunity to reach the stalk and dry it down for a quicker and easier harvest." - Kira Durston, Market Development Agronomist, Rowatt, SK

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