Managing a transparent supply chain from seed to oil.

We’re the only North American specialty canola company that provides a fully integrated and transparent supply chain from seed to oil. Our growers are an important link in this supply chain, delivering superior oils to customers around the world. At Cargill, we can confidently say that our growers and their crops meet the highest standards of quality and integrity.

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Boost your bottom line
with top-performing hybrids

The Cargill Specialty Canola Program gives you higher returns, delivered through high-yielding hybrids, powerful financial tools and a streamlined program that cuts back on hassle and saves you valuable time.

Grow More. Make more. With VICTORY®

Choose VICTORY® Hybrids for best-in-class yields, agronomics and financial tools that help improve your bottom line and simplify your operation.

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Don't compromise. Choose InVigor® Health hybrids.

Get higher yields and earn more returns with InVigor® Health

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Victory Performance Trials

Production is a critical part of your operation – and is one of the many reasons why Canadian farmers trust VICTORY® hybrids.

Every year in the VICTORY® Performance Trials, we evaluate how our powerful hybrids stand up to standard check canola in field-scale size trials on real farms, using the farmer’s own crop management techniques.

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Disease Resistance

Disease doesn’t stand a chance against our powerful canola hybrids.

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Powerful tools and expert insights to grow your success.

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Be a part of something big.

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