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Drive positive results with the Cargill Specialty Canola Program. Alongside premier hybrid canola options, we bring you our wide-reaching network and resources to help you optimize every phase of production. Our industry-leading experts are ready to provice in-the-field insights to ensure your program delivers on all levels.


With the Cargill Specialty Canola Program, you’ll receive unparalleled tools to help boost your bottom line. No matter which of our advanced hybrids you choose, we’ll support you with a contract that features:

  • Early sign-up bonus – you could qualify for an extra premium; check with your Cargill representative
  • Flexible pricing options – a guaranteed premium on Cargill’s posted commodity basis
    • Prime Basis – Lock in now at very attractive levels
    • Premium – a guaranteed premium over Cargill's posted commodity basis
  • Risk-free price hedge – on 10 to 20 bushels per acre
  • Instant seed discounts – with qualifying acreage commitments
  • 35 bu/ac fixed tonnage – with flexible marketing options


If you had the time to constantly monitor changing global trends, weather patterns and currency fluctuations that could impact commodity prices, would that make you a better grain marketer? This is how the ProPricing professionals spend their time, analyzing global data and capturing market opportunities when they arise. With ProPricing®, you put a portion of your production in their hands and watch them go to work for you.

Take advantage of trading your specialty canola alongside ours, and maintain the flexibility and control to price out when you want. New for this year, your ProPricing tonnes qualify for the Risk Free coverage of the Cargill Specialty Canola Program.