Elm Creek Expansion

The formula for a great mix: 3x times faster loading and MicroEssentials®

We’ve combined high speed, quality products and local experts with a great facility. Cargill Elm Creek’s newly upgraded fertilizer facility is ready to get to work for your field. Pull up and take advantage of:

  • Up to 4 Super Bs per hour: You can spend less time in the loading lane and more time planting your crop.
  • MicroEssentials® and other new blend options: Get a high-quality nutrient mix that can improve your application efficiency and you crop’s yield potential while minimizing wear-and-tear on your equipment.
  • Advice from local experts: Your Elm Creek team is here to help you make the best decision on crop nutrition and financing options for your farm.

Here is what has changed:

  • The fertilizer facility storage capacity has increased 1520 metric tonnes to a total of 2620 metric tonnes
  • The fertilizer facility allows us to handle up to 10 products and add liquid and powder coats to blends with less handling
  • Our  grain rail car handling has grown in capacity from 56 to 112 cars
  • We have also upgraded our grain storage bins 

Contact Cargill Elm Creek for details by calling 204-436-2010.



 ® MICROESSENTIALS is a registered trade-mark of The Mosaic Company, used under licence.







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