Cargill Clavet: your fertilizer and knowledge hub

Convenience and choice from our upgraded fertilizer facility

More fertilizer options, faster blending and a large agronomy team – a combination to get your farm growing.

Cargill Clavet’s high-capacity fertilizer plant is set to upgrade your results. Pull up and take advantage of:


  • MicroEssentials® and added blends: tailor your fertilizer blend and maximize profits with 13 separate high-quality product options.
  • Faster blending: full B-train blends mean less time in the loading lane and more time in the field. Large on-site storage extends our delivery season year-round, for added convenience.
  • Backhaul efficiency: schedule a grain delivery to our crush plant or terminal, then bring a fertilizer blend home on the backhaul.
  • Advice from local experts: fine tune your fertility program and yield goals with our experienced Cargill agronomy team.

Contact Cargill Clavet for details by calling 306-242-5400

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