Grain Contracts

Cargill makes selling your grain simple

We offer a variety of of grain contracts designed to balance your cash flow needs, grain storage capacity and risk tolerance – all while helping you secure the best price for your grain. 

Not sure which grain contract suits you best? Try our Grain Contract Selector
  • Daily Floor Plus®

    Our averaging strategy avoids market lows and captures market highs

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  • Deferred Delivery

    Sell when the markets are strong and deliver later

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  • Fixed Basis

    Lock in the basis today, apply the futures later

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  • Focal Point

    Deliver now and still participate in potential upside market moves.

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  • Futures First

    Lock in the futures today, establish the basis later

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  • Grain Pricing Order

    Let this helpful tool monitor local markets for you

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  • MarketTracker® Market Order

    Take the long view of the futures market

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  • MarketTracker® Working Order

    Track market highs while avoiding downside risk

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  • Minimum Price® Call

    Stay in the market with the comfort of full price protection

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  • Minimum Price® Put

    Establish a basis contract and protect against futures price declines

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  • Pacer®

    Bring home an average of the daily futures closing value

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  • Premium Offer®

    Get a premium when you agree to sell additional production

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The right combination of grain contracts, patience and planning can increase your profitability, and our Farm Marketing Representatives are here to help.


For advice on choosing the right grain contracts for your farm and goals, contact your Sales Representative.