2019 First Choice Malt Barley

Make your barley the First Choice for maltsters

Offer valid Now through April 15, 2019


With Cargill’s First Choice program, you can increase the likelihood of your barley being selected for malt through:

  • Priority selection over non-production contract submissions.
  • Guaranteed access to malt barley markets if minimum quality specifications are met (see your First Choice production contract for details).


Greater flexibility and control over pricing, cash flow and movement

Our First Choice program provides you with more flexibility and options, allowing you to establish the contract that’s right for you with::

  • Priority access to pre-harvest pricing options.
  • A competitive market price with first and last right of refusal.
  • The ability to choose your pricing and delivery options that are right for your farm
All pricing and delivery contracts are subject to the terms of the relevant First Choice Deferred Delivery agreement.


Optimized production potential

Cargill is committed to helping you grow and maintain the best barley possible by offering:

  • Prioritized 10 business day turnaround on sample submissions.


How it works:

1 - Sign a First Choice production contract with Cargill by April 15, 2019.

2 - Plant contracted acres by variety.

3 - Decide on a pricing and movement strategy. If you choose to forward price a portion of your barley production, you can select a target price using Cargill’s Grain Pricing Order system to trigger one of the following pricing and/or delivery periods via a Deferred Delivery contract:

  • October/November/December 2019
  • January/February/March 2020
  • April/May 2020
  • June/July 2020

Important: You may choose to leave your crop unpriced and without a delivery period. If you do so and your barley is selected for malt, you must price your barley by February 28, 2020. Production tonnes may be split in any quantity, into different pricing/delivery periods. All pricing is for delivery to the selected
Cargill location.

4 - Confirm that your barley has been planted on contracted acres by June 29, 2019 and keep Cargill informed of crop condition.

Important: Crop failure must be reported to Cargill in writing within 10 business days of occurrence. If a delivery or pricing contract has been established, the contract will be brought to market at that time.

5 - Provide production estimates and a representative 1 kg sample from each storage bin within 10 days of harvest (no later than October 16, 2019).

6 - Cargill will advise you whether your barley is suitable for malt within 10 business days of sample submission.

7 - Cargill will purchase a minimum 1.25 MT/acre of crop produced and selected as malt with the right to buy additional production that meets minimum specifications.

Important: If you have not priced your barley after harvest and are dissatisfied with Cargill’s price, you may bring Cargill a substantiated competitive bid. Cargill has the right of last refusal on selected malt barley under the program. If Cargill chooses not to match the competitive bid, you will be released from your production contract. Once a price or delivery contract has been established, the option of seeking a competitive bid is no longer available.

8 - Cargill will make payment once the final quality is determined and the barley is delivered.


For more information download an info sheet here, drop by your nearest Cargill location or contact your Cargill representative.

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